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Image Widget Overview:
The Image Widget is designed to simplfy adding images with or without hyperlinks to your layout.

Upload an Image:
Select the upload option to add an image. Image Editor:
Select the "paint brush" icon to edit your image. You can resize, crop, flip, or colorise your image.

Image Properties:
Add ALT tags and/or Link to an internal file, page, or external URL.
Choose options to: "Open the link in a new browser tab" and "Create rollover animation".

Image Widgets in a 3 column layout

There is no limit to the number Widgets you can use on any given webpage! ezTaskTitanium is an easy-to-use, web-based CMS tool set that enables contributors to maintain dynamic, functional, and up-to-date websites. Our professional CMS is template-based, so you can maintain a consistent, professional feel throughout your organization!

Image Widget 1

Image Widget 2

Image Widget 3


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